Cosmic Collective

Cultivate Your Calling in Community


Individual & Couple Readings

Learn how to make the best use of your natural gifts and find success with ease. We combine Human Design with Astrology to guide you in finding alignment with your authenticity. And after all, success is a function of alignment.


Cosmic Collective Circles

Join us for (digital) moon circles, sit in supportive sangha, journaling and discussion to release the old and call in the new. Mini readings with the transits, guided meditation +breathwork to call in clarity.


Custom Circles

We plan your entire (digital) event: custom
invitations, provisions, and readings.
A great way to spend your next company retreat, bridal shower, or birthday. Let's collaborate and create.

About Us

Team behind the Collective


Jessica Angiouni

Jessica has spearhead turn-key premieres for over 7 years, producing international, domestic, and digital events with and for A-level talent, luxury brands, film studios/production companies and entertainment media outlets. As creative director and producer, Jessica takes an event from inception to creation, you name it. She has experience hosting private events from a 10 person dinner to a 1,000 party cocktail event with brand activations and live entertainment events. With her experience, eye for logistical flow, and creative design she is bringing guests of the Collective a cinematic and moving experience.


Xeba Zareie

Attending moon circles and sitting in sangha, or community, have been major in Xeba's ritual practice since she began teaching Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation 7 years ago. These powerful rituals, combined with her decade long passion for Astrology and Human Design have been instrumental in her 17 year healing journey. She's tapped into countless modalities and traditions to learn techniques for releasing what no longer serves in order to cultivate clarity. With 5 years of Entertainment Production experience, she's bringing her knowledge and passion to guide and expand us within the collective.



I am new to human design and really enjoy what I am learning. Xeba did my human design chart and I felt utterly seen, to the point of tears. Looking at myself and my life through a human design perspective makes everything so much more clear, especially knowing that I am a manifesting generator and that I need to approach things as an MG. As someone who still hasn’t found my calling, I find this to be a much needed compass.