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We Were All Praying for A Break

Updated: May 5, 2020

What a roller coaster it has felt like to just stay home. After the initial shock and awe of this global catastrophe, the changes and uncertainty set in and along came fear. Because this is scary! None of us have endured something so deadly and out of our control in this lifetime. I'm generally a trusting person, some may say cavalier, but that didn't stop the fear from affecting me. I watched the news, listened to friends, and got caught up. I barely recognized myself. Let's just say, I had to take a hard look in the mirror. And what I saw was, we have a choice: fear or love.

I know we are losing our sense of security (some of us in more physical ways than others). On the other hand, beyond the grief, we are being opened up to new possibilities. This intermission from our regularly scheduled programming feels like a break up. We are mourning the loss of a world that was, yes comfortable, but blatantly unsustainable and detrimental. We have been praying for a break, subtle whispers for more time, more energy, for life to slow down, for people to stop polluting, less traffic, simpler pleasures, to expand the way we show up for one another -- and it's all here, right now. We were asking for this.

It's wild that it took losing control for us to make drastic and needed changes as a global community. And with this gift we are being presented with an invitation: fear or love?

Yes, this unwelcome guest is imposing on us and yes it's uncomfortable. But what if instead of shunning, we got curious. What if we embraced our guest? For some this looks like a new home, for others like learning to be alone or under one roof with loved ones, holding our inner child, grieving loss, finding community, working from home, spending more time playing, self-care. However this quarantine is playing out for you, I believe, is our uniquely tailored medicine meant specifically for each and every one of us. So in taking this horrible or perhaps delicious medicine, are we resisting? And where? On the other hand, what new perspectives and habits are becoming available to us?

As Libby Christenson, Intuitive Coach suggests: where's your intuition asking you to go?

I'd be happy to share. Admittedly, I've not spent much time alone the past 4 years between work, networking, family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, work, friends of friends, parties...oh and did I mention work? My time always felt divided and it never felt like mine. Eventually "me time" grew foreign and uncomfortable - I was resistant. My roommate decided to quarantine with his parents, I couldn't fly home for fear of getting my dad sick, and it became clear: I was meant to weather this storm alone - well physically. What I mean is, I've been invited to spend more time alone, expanding who I am and how I take up space. What's been your invitation? Despite my doubts and fears, I am choosing to love the medicine! But getting to this point was trying. I picked up a few tricks to carry me past the low vibration of fear, toward the higher vibration of love. Oh yea, you feel that internal shift? It's real. So, the choice is yours, will you choose love or will you give into fear? Easier said that done, I get it. If you're like me and the idea of self-love / love feels hazy compared to the overpowering, familiar feelings of fear and anxiety, this list is for you! Here are the 3 tactics helping me. I hope you find something that resonates. We are all in this together!

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