I created Tapping In Podcast with the intention of opening up the conversation around our body's innate ability to heal. 

Having been fortunate enough to cure my chronic pain and learn to work with my injuries, I am excited to bring on awareness and accessibility to these solutions. 

I was 10 years old when I woke up from a surgery that knocked my body out of alignment. The doctor inadvertently cut the nerves under my arms, around my chest, and back - causing my musculoskeletal system to ricochet. I went to 'specialists' who told me there was nothing more they could do, that I'd grow out of it. When, really, time and age only proved to make me feel worse. To imagine living the rest of my life feeling limited and in such pain weighed heavily on me. So I never gave up seeking improvement. And so began my journey to find healing beyond what Western Medicine could offer. 

17 years, a yoga certification, and many experiences later, I want you to know that despite the frustration and isolation, healing is possible and available. I am here to introduce you to the teachers, guides, practitioners, and supporters who have helped me and many others find real healing. What I have learned is that we have to feel connected to those who are helping us and ultimately, it is up to us to do the work. And we are sharing real ways that you can get started on healing at home, for free! Tapping In is an invitation to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands. Please consider this an offering to only take what resonates with you and leave the rest. 

Through healing, we can build stronger connections and restore the magic to our lives. We are truly all in this together. Let's Tap In!